Exciting Updates

07/04/2016 Main

Hey folks, just wanted to update you on a couple of things. Thanks to your advice, I bought a lower end Cintiq and I absolutely love it. I actually do feel like a bit of an artist, in the same way that a synthesizer can help someone to sing.  Do you remember using charcoal at school and feeling like you could actually draw, pretty well, when you used it? The Cintiq has the same effect, only with a huge variety of virtual mediums to choose from. My kids absolutely love using it too. They want to print every picture they creat. It’s like having an overenthusiastic Pablo Picasso and an excitable Frida Kahlo in the same room. My wife and I are obviously very proud of their drawings though and have been showing them to everyone we know, haha! What the heck, you’ve got to show your little ones off, right? Read more

Buying a Used Cintiq

31/03/2016 Main

Hi it’s Geoff here. I’ve just found out about a really exciting piece of kit and that is a graphic pen tablet for drawing, called a Cintiq. I’m really excited to buy one of these and am currently looking for a used Cintiq for sale. Read more

Retro Arcade Table

10/03/2016 Main

Hey guys, welcome back! So I’ve told you all about my new games room - well I am pretty obsessed with kitting it out at the moment. It’s going pretty well though. I have lots of cool games options in there now and I already told you about the dart board and fruit machine that I have. I have bought a nice book shelve to put my collection of DVDS and CDS on, I mean most of the stuff I use is online now but I always think having those things around looks quite cool. I have also brought some retro movie and games posters to put on the walls. It’s all looking sweet!  You see, I wanted to start making the room actually look quite cool and retro. I love anything from the 1960’s and 70’s so with this idea in mind I thought it would be really cool to have a table arcade game in there, have you seen them? You know a little table with a retro arcade computer screen installed where you can play all the old arcade games, from Donkey Kong to Pac Man. I just think they look so damn cool!! Read more

Fruit Machine for my Games Room

11/02/2016 Main

Welcome back! It’s been a week or so, maybe longer since my last post, hard to keep track. Last time out I told you about the Arcade Dartboard that I bought. Haven’t had as much fun with my mates in ages since we got the board installed in the games room. It’s gone down a storm and my family love it too. The dartboard pretty much completed the games room but there has been one other piece of technology that I’ve always wanted but is still missing. Read more

Arcade Dartboard

30/01/2016 Main

Welcome back guys, I’ve been a busy bee since we spoke last. I’ve been in the process of kitting out the spare bedroom and turning it into a Games area for when my friends come round. I’ve got a beast of a TV and a selection of games consoles so that’s one aspect covered. I’ve also got a nice leather sofa that one of my relatives gave me and a little glass coffee table. That corner of the room is looking sweet as. There’s a few more things I want though to complete the games room. Unfortunately, I can’t get a pool table in there but I have bought a pretty cool Arcade dartboard that’s great fun. Read more

Gaming PC

26/01/2016 Main

Hey guys, how was your Christmas and New Year? Mine was pretty awesome. Had loads of family and friends visit from across the world and was totally the opposite of last year (which was really rubbish). We had so much fun, drinking a lot of whiskey and Guinness! Sore heads for a lot of folks, was worth it though. Managed to bag myself a bit of spare cash as well for the ride so I think it’s high time that I got myself a new PC to play all my favourite games on. Haven’t upgraded for a number of years so I can’t play a lot of the games released in 2015 and early 2016. Time to change all that though with hopefully a beast of a machine. Read more

Is now the time to purchase an SSD?

10/12/2015 Main

Is now the time to purchase an SSD? Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs. iPad Air 2

03/12/2015 Main

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs. iPad Air 2 Read more

Blog Intro

28/11/2015 Main

Hey, my name’s Geoff McQuiggan, I’ve started this blog primarily because I’m currently on the market for a tablet and wanted to make sure I didn’t regret my purchase. I’ve checked out a couple of tablets and I think I know which ones are on the shortlist but I might need a little help. If you can give me your input then great, it would be much appreciated. Read more